2022年11月11日(金)~12月4日(日)|金・土・日 14~19時

「そうは問屋は卸さない」/「Things never work out as I expect」2022 oil and oil pastel on canvas 91 × 116.7 cm


約4年ぶりのHASE. 個展を開かせていただきます。

2007年のHASE. 初個展から2018年までの10年間、絵の展示をするのが当たり前になっていたところに、ふと、立ち止まろうという気持ちが入ってきて、その展示休憩の間に、油絵に触れました。

HASE. の新しい絵たちをmonade cotemporary | 単子現代で発表をさせていただきます。

2022年秋 HASE.


monade contemporary | 単子現代では、アーティスト HASE. による「残ったもの」を開催します。



HASE. http://hase1178.blogspot.com/

HASE. Solo Exhibition The Remained Portion

November 11 (Fri), 2022 – December 4 (Sun), 2022|Fri, Sat, Sun, 2-7 pm


After nearly four years absence, HASE. is excited to announce the opening of the solo exhibition.

During 10 years from HASE.’s first solo exhibition in 2007 to 2018, exhibiting paintings was my things to do. Then I became aware of the need to pause, and during a break, I experienced oil painting. HASE. will be showing new paintings at monade contemporary | 単子現代.

My break has finished for now.
Please come to see!

Autumn 2022 HASE.

〈Exhibition Information〉

monade contemporary | 単子現代 is pleased to present HASE. Solo Exhibition The Remained Portion.

HASE. has been making drawings and paintings based on her daily life, feelings, and words of the moment. The fragments that make up her body and landscapes are sometimes lovely, sometimes irresolute, and sometimes speak to us with a surreal sense of humor and/or irony. What if the images of figures and movements floating lightly on paper and canvas, along with the amplitude of their emotions, make viewers rethink their relationship with things, people, and the world deep within their hearts?

In recent years, HASE. says that she has had a chance to reflect on her daily life, which she had lived while drawing and painting. During a four-year intermission, she had been working on oil paintings. The touch of the world that emerges from the overlapping, fusing, and submerging strokes of her paintings changes from time to time, with a sense of longing and shivering, as people and the world encounter and reencounter each other and each time in different ways. Please enjoy a background view that spreads beyond the perspective of the eye, a close-up view where a world is emerging, and the impression of a neutral view with a sensation that wavers in between.

〈Artist Information〉
HASE. http://hase1178.blogspot.com/