monade contemporary | 単子現代 コレクション展「未来からの手紙」

monade contemporary | 単子現代は、当ギャラリー/アート・スペースによるコレクション展「未来からの手紙」を開催します。

本展では、現在、過去、未来と移り変わる人々の生とイデオロギーの変遷を振り返ることになる歴史をテーマとして、《冷戦時代に配達された絵はがきを届け先に再送する》(丹羽良徳、2017)、《Air From Another Planet》(Ryts Monet、2023)、《30×30×30》(Ryts Monet、2023)、《CULTURAL REVOLUTION WRITINGS 6/7》(Stephen Lane、2011-13)を紹介します。


さまざまなメディアとアーカイブへの干渉からイデオロギーの過去と未来を見つめ続けるRyts Monetの《Air From Another Planet》および《30×30×30》では、旧共産主義国の宇宙開発を祝う記念切手やオベリスクをモチーフにした観光地の絵がきをとおして自由主義経済のグローバリゼーションのなかで世界各国を行き交う人々の欲望を背景に社会主義経済のなかで夢見られたもう一つの理想国家の姿を未来に向かって振り返ることができます。

また時間と出来事や物事のかかわりについてレディ・メイド作品をとおして考察してきたStephen Laneの《Cultural Revolution Writings 6/7》では、中国の文化大革命の記憶を背景に綴られる日記の断片とそれ対する校訂の痕から、もう一つの理想を夢想し、新たに世界を記そうとするアーティストの息づかいを感じられることでしょう。


リッツ・モネ Ryts Monet
スティーブ・レーン Stephen Lane

2023年11月12日(日)~12月3日(日) 14:00~19:00

15:00~16:30 モノグラフ『歴史上歴史的に歴史的な共産主義の歴史』(丹羽良徳)特装版の撮影会
17:00~19:00 | ショーイング《Resending Postcards Sent During the Cold War to the Intended Recipients》(丹羽良徳、2017)、《Memento Park》(Ryts Monet、2019)

monade contemporary | 単子現代 collection exhibition “Letters from the Future”

monade contemporary | 単子現代 is very glad to present a collection exhibition “Letters from the Future” by our gallery/art space.

The exhibition features a variety of works in regard of history, looking back on the shifting lives and ideologies of people in the present, past, and future: “Resending Postcards Delivered During the Cold War to the Recipient” (Yoshinori Niwa, 2017), “Air From Another Planet” (Ryts Monet, 2023), 30x30x30″ (Ryts Monet, 2023), and “Cultural Revolution Writings 6/7” (Stephen Lane, 2011-13).

“Resending Postcards Delivered During the Cold War to Their Recipients” by Yoshinori Niwa, who has been making social interventions realized through performance, video, and installation, presents an event in which letters carrying the thoughts and feelings of Cold War-era people are delivered by the artist to the address where the letters are posted. The activities of people living day to day in changing times and situations are now being critically questioned.

“Air From Another Planet” and “30 x 30 x 30” by Ryts Monet, who continues to investigate the past and the future of ideologies through various media and archival interventions, explore the past and the future of ideologies through commemorative postage stamps celebrating space exploration in former communist countries and postcards of tourist destinations with obelisk motifs. Against the background of people’s desires that move around the world in the globalization of a liberal economy, a vision of another ideal state that was dreamed of along with fantasies of a socialist economy is looked back to the future.

“Cultural Revolution Writings 6/7” by Stephen Lane, who has been examining the relationship between time, events, and things through his readymade works, shows fragments of a diary written against the backdrop of memories of the Cultural Revolution in China. There can be felt, the artist’s dream of another ideal and attempt to inscribe a new world.

With a series of artworks, what kind of history will the world we live our days make and then be reassessed by the past or the future? Please join us for a projection into the history of the monade contemporary | 単子現代, an exhibition activity to investigate and exercise art, philosophy, and society at present.

■Artist Information in Collection
Yoshinori Niwa
Ryts Monet
Stephen Lane

■Exhibition Dates
November 12 (Sun) – December 3 (Sun), 2023  14:00-19:00

■Related Events
December 2 (Sat), 2023 15:00-16:30 | Photography workshop for a special edition of the monograph “Hystorically Hstoric Hstrical History of Communism” (Yoshinori Niwa) / 17:00-19:00 | Showing 《Resending Postcards Sent During the Cold War to the Intended Recipients》 (Yoshinori Niwa, 2017), 《Memento Park》 (Ryts Monet, 2019)